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[26.07.2010] Turbo3D v3.0 *FINAL* (also available from Marketplace)

(Formerly known as HD2/Leo 3D Driver Patch)


Many Snapdragon devices (HD2, Expo, S200/F1, TG-01, etc) have an issue with OpenGL that makes 3D games very slow and/or stutter. Turbo3D tries to fix this. The driver works on non-Snapdragon devices as well, but I doubt you'll see a lot of difference.

The CAB file for Turbo3D is attached and called "", where X.X is the version number.

The Turbo3D driver is fully automatic - just install and reboot - yet you can override the default configuration. A short help file is also included in the configuration tool ("Turbo3D" in the start menu)

The Turbo3D driver can operate in 3 modes:

(1) "Original" - Don't do any magic, just use the stock 3D drivers, mostly terrible
(2) "Fast" - Improve performance as much as possible, works great for most games and apps
(3) "Smooth" (Anti-Stutter) - Prevent stutter lag, some games and apps need this mode to run smoothly

By default, any application the driver does not "know", runs in "Fast" mode. This default can be changed in the configuration tool. As soon as an app runs that uses GL, the driver registers this, and after running it for the first time, the mode to use for this app can be configured in the configuration tool. For most apps and games you will probably never have to change the default settings.

As stated, some apps and games require "Smooth" mode to run fluently (these are marked with a * in the list in the second post), for these you will have to go into the config tool and change the setting for that specific app.

This leaves only one setting in the configuration tool unexplained: the "frame time" setting. By default this is set to "18 ms" which seems to work well for most users. If you find all your GL apps and games are still stuttering, try setting this value to "20 ms" or "22 ms". It will slow down rendering slightly, but it might improve visuals. On my own device I get the very best performance on the "18 ms" settings, with "17 ms" introducing major stutter again.

Please note that the driver settings are read when an application starts. Changing settings in the configuration will not take effect until you restart the application that is using GL.

Compatible with all OpenGL able devices, but you will probably only see benefits on Snapdragon devices.

Before installing Turbo3D, first manually uninstall any older versions of Turbo3D or HD2/Leo 3D Driver Patch.

After that, just install the CAB (to device, NOT to storage card !), and reboot your device.

Do NOT install Turbo3D on a ROM that has an older version of the driver cooked in !

Marketplace and donations
Over 65 000 users are using my 3D drivers, only a handful have donated. So I'm going to try a little experiment:

You can now also get Turbo3D from Marketplace as an alternative form of donation (no need for PayPal). This is also so the general non-XDA public can get notice of the driver. The price is $ 3.99 / Euro 3.39 - or equivalent in your countries currency. The link only works if Turbo3D is available in your native market. Currently it is available in all English markets, and soon it will also be available in all German, French, and Dutch markets. If you are not from any of these markets, you can navigate to the United States / English or United Kingdom / English markets through Marketplace settings. Please, if you are from inside the EU, use United Kingdom, and if from outside the EU, use United States market (has to do with taxes, saves me a lot of work).

If you decide to give a little back to me through Marketplace, please also leave a 5 star rating and a comment on how well it works on your device and apps / games. This again helps me get more purchases from the non-XDA public

You can still donate directly to me here:

I've spent hundreds of hours trying to perfect this - please show your appreciation for my hard work ! Thank you !

Note that there is no functional difference between the version attached to this post and the one on Marketplace, but I would manually uninstall one before installing the other.

Attached is also a hardware accelerated Direct3D Mobile driver (""). Stock HD2 ROMs do not come with this driver. You could try installing it and seeing if it improves performance for certain apps and games, probably those that use DirectDraw. Some people have for example reported improved performance in CorePlayer using this CAB file. It was originally taken from the TG-01. I've been told by some chefs there is a Microsoft-built D3DM driver floating around that gives even better performance. I would not install this CAB file on anything else but a stock HD2.

Thanks to
lesscro, NuShrike, l3v5y, nrgz28, heliosdev, clubtech, christonabike, aussiebum, kholk, hanskl, GinKage, p50kombi, AstainHellbring and anyone I might have forgotten who helped test or had useful comments, etc.

If you appreciate this patch, please make a donation or purchase it from Marketplace (see above)


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