How to get SCII English version in Taiwan?

Dear all, I am living in Taiwan, and will like to get SCII in English version. I am not register to Battle net yet. Here comes with few questions:
1) Where can I get English version (CD) in Taiwan?
2) Can I download the game in English version on Battle net while live in Taiwan.

If you ever successfully download English version of SCII in Taiwan, please give some advise. Thank you.
2010-07-28 16:11 發佈
Here is the easy way, you could get English version in Stat's web and register to Battle net.

I guess this would work.

I think they do not care how you get the game, they just control where you register.

You just can sign in "Asia Server" if you registered in Asia area.

final, my English is not good enough, hope you could understand.

By the way, it is free now in Taiwan, so just try it and see what will happen.
I think you just need to download the game from US battle net and also get the cd-key from it....
and hopefully we can change the server in the future so we can play with ppl world wide

you can download sc2 English version here :
and buy the sc2 digital version from, you have to change the game region to North America if you wanna play sc2 in North America region.

Just finished it in this morning, enjoy it.
Thanks guys!!!
According your information and the battle net instructions,
1) I registered a battle net account with US region.
2) Purchased a digital copy of SCII US version.
3) I am downloading the game now. 6.9GB
Will post the next step while it finished. Later...
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