T610 Bluetooth

I install my USB Bluetooth Device to my notebook. I can connect my T610 to PC to get and sent files to PC. However, I cannot browser my T610 folders from my notebook. And I also can't use the image editor and the dialup networking from Sony Ericsson. Any one can help?

Just Do it! Reebok
2003-11-07 16:18 發佈
If you provide your vendor and model of your bluetooth USB dongle
And the software name and version you used on your PC
We'll be happy to help you
The Bluetooth model is USBBT02-N and the manufacturer is Cambridge Silcon Radio. The Fireware version is 525.

My Notebook is Sony VAIO PCS-SRX55H

Thanks for your help!
Just Do it! Reebok
You are using Billionton's USB Dongle, congradulations... this is a nice one....

There's a compatilbe issue between BTW USBBT02-N originally given) with T610
You have to request for the new version of BTW from Billionton


Thanks!! I will contact them.
Just Do it! Reebok
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