Parallels Desktop for Mac Beta Update

早上起來就看到我的GMail Notifier捎來一封信
原來是Parallels Desktop有新的Beta版了(Build 1862)

有使用Parallels Desktop的各位可以下載來試試
(須另行下載,用Check Update會找不到)

USB improvements - easily use multi interfaced and isochronous USB devices (including Windows Mobile 2005 and webcams).

Mac OS X performance improvements - optimize Mac OS X or guest OS performance by switching off the Mac cache function.

Graphic performance improvements - enjoy faster, smoother video playback.

Keyboard support improvements - use all of the keys on your Mac keyboard, such as the eject CD button, right-left and Shift/Ctrl/Alt (option)/Windows keys, in any virtual machine.

Unicode path support improvements - name files and paths in national languages.

Shared folders performance improvements - open folders and files faster, and transfer data across OSes smoother.

Other fixes and improvements
2006-08-09 8:18 發佈
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