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2007 G35S vs 2010 M35X vs 2017 GSF

After over one year ownership with 2017 GSF I finally love my GSF much more now.

I think I didn't like it one year ago because of two reasons. One is GSF has softer suspension than my modified G. The other is GSF is a little bit bigger. So in the beginning I didn't actually like my GSF that much and felt disappointed considering the price of GSF is 10 times of my old G!!!

Now I think I get used to GSF softer suspension. Guess what? Since I get used to GSF softer suspension now, I also like my wife's 2010 M35X more now. Of course GSF is still much better than M35X. Just Now I can accept M35X softer suspension now and also enjoy driving M. I think I really has been spoiled by Bilstein and KW performance suspension. I have tested many performance cars including M3, Cayman and GT-R. I think only GT-R suspension could be firmer than my old G...

經過一年多的2017 GSF所有權後,我終於更加熱愛我的GSF了。


現在我想我已經習慣了GSF更柔和的懸浮。你猜怎麼著?由於我現在習慣了GSF更柔和的懸掛,我現在也更喜歡我妻子的2010 M35X。當然GSF仍然比M35X好得多。剛剛我現在可以接受M35X更柔軟的懸掛,也喜歡駕駛M.我覺得我真的被Bilstein和KW性能暫停所破壞。我測試過很多高性能車型,包括M3,Cayman和GT-R。我認為只有GT-R懸架可能比我的舊G更堅固......
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駕馭體驗真的不輸歐洲車...要是台灣稅制改變的話 這種車頗吃香...
Hank Lin728 wrote:

I have to say that Infiniti cars are getting better and better. Infinti is NOT ordinary Nissan any more. It's a high end Nissan. High end Nissan is better than lower end Nissan. But I still think both Infiniti and Nissan have similar reliability if both are made in Japan...

PS: Japanese are slow but they will still get to that point someday. So to work with them or use their products you need to have some patient I think. If you have patient, they will reward you for your patient in the future...

我不得不說英菲尼迪的汽車越來越好了。 Infinti不再是普通的日產了。這是一個高端的日產。高端日產比低端日產更好。但我仍然認為英菲尼迪和日產都有相似的可靠性,如果兩者都是在日本生產的...

Don't get me wrong...

My GSF is still very good. Its handling maybe cannot match M3/M5's but it's still better than a lot German cars such as 335, 550M, E43/53 AMG, S6, etc.

Recently I've also driven my old G a little faster and more confidently because I know my slightly modified G is still very good on street. (On track it needs bigger tires, better response at higher rpm, better brake and cooling, etc.)


我的GSF仍然非常好。它的處理可能無法與M3 / M5相媲美,但它仍然比許多德國汽車更好,如335,550M,E43 / 53 AMG,S6等。

最近我也用更快,更自信的方式駕駛我的舊G,因為我知道我的略微改裝的G在街上仍然非常好。 (在賽道上,它需要更大的輪胎,更高的轉速更好的響應,更好的製動和冷卻等)
As I said before my wife loves my GSF a lot. (You may not know how good GSF's handling is). She always says that she can do "彎道超車" on my GSF quite easily and love to do it again and again.

Right now I don't always need to drive for long distant trips since she's also willing to drive. (American is really BIG!!!)

正如我之前所說,我妻子非常喜歡我的GSF。 (你可能不知道GSF的處理有多好)。她總是說她可以很容易地在我的GSF上做“彎道超車”而且喜歡一次又一次地做。

現在我並不總是需要為長途旅行而開車,因為她也願意開車。 (美國真的很大!!!)
I'm still loving old G35S so much. Every time I go back to my old G from my new GSF I still have a big smile on my face. my old G mpg is still similar to my GSF's mpg now but my old G feel more powerful than my GSF(in normal mode) in regular driving. Of course my GSF(no matter which mode) will feel much faster than my old G when racing. No matter which mode GSF's mpg will also suffer a lot when racing.

There is one thing I really like in my GSF. That's steering. Basically my old G steering is still good(accurate and good feel) However when putting very small amount change on steering I think my new GSF still have good amount of feel but my old G doesn't have that weighted steering feel if steering change is very small. I also think GSF steering is better than that in Q60 I tried three months ago. (Of course GSF is much more expensive...)

My old G lacks steering feel just initially(or only very very beginning). After that my G has more steering feel than my GSF because my GSF steering is lighter overall. Please be also noted that my G steering feel is NOT factory setting anymore because the stiffer Bilstein coilover increases its steering feel (also more heavy) quite a bit. In addition if I remember right KW coilover will increase its steering feel even more...

ducati998f02 wrote:

I think your car should be sedan. 2 dr Coupe suspension is not soft. This is easy to fix. You can put Coupe springs and sway bars on your sedan. Install KONI performance shocks(yellow) and increase your tire to at least 245. Then I believe you will be very happy. Comfortable and fast!!! (I tried similar settings before for 3 years)
The missing weighted steering feel in my old G is not easily detected. It only happens when you try to change lane unusual slow on the highway.

By the way I would like to share one more my experience. I had tested MDX about 6 years ago. Believe it or not. I had difficulty in finding the neutral steering point for that MDX when I just finished a "270 degree" highway ramp!?! That's a little bit scary because after I finished that ramp aggressively I suddenly couldn't know how to make that big Honda go straightly!?! I think that Honda didn't provide much steering feel compare to my old G...

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