Mazda Connect support Apple CarPlay and Android in 2018

Mazda Connect support Apple CarPlay and Android in 2018
After being touted as a CarPlay partner for over 3 years, Mazda today officially announced its plans to bring Apple’s in-car system to its vehicles. Mazda made the announcement at the New York International Auto Show, which has brought a handful of CarPlay announcements already…

Mazda says the 2018 Mazda6 will be the first model to support CarPlay in the United States, starting later this summer. The system will be available as an upgrade to all 2018 Mazda6 variants that are at the Touring trim level or higher.

The apps will come standard on all trims except for the base Sport model. If you're an early adopter and already got your hands on a 2018 Mazda6 or plan to do so soon, don't fret. CarPlay and, um,Auto can be added to your cars presumably through a future software update.

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從加拿大馬自達官網看來,所以2018夏天開始投產的2019 CX9看起來像是有可能支援apple car play及android auto
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